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Peter Hayes Flyfishing
(Australia - Tasmania)

Peter Hayes has been the leading guide in Tasmania for many years, and is Australia's leading casting instructor. He is Australia's first FFF Accredited MCI (Master Casting Instructor). I have personally benefitted greatly from his tuition as well as his infectious personality and inspirational casting talent.

Peter's Fly Fishing Conclaves (weekend long intensive seminars with the best tutors in the country) have been a big success since starting in Tasmania a few years back. This year Peter expanded them to the mainland. There are now three a year - at "Hayes on Brumbies" in Cressy, and also in Sydney and Melbourne. Keep an eye on his website (above) for more details as well as Casting Classes and Guiding info.

Matthew Howell Fly Fishing
(Myrtleford - Victoria)
Matthew is a mad keen angler and FFF MCI Certified Master Casting Instructor. Based in Myrtleford, he is available for guiding and casting instruction in North East Victoria.
Stu's Fly Shop and Superior Flies
(New Zealand - South Island)
Stu Tripney is a revolutionary fly designer, based on the Mataura River on the South Island of New Zealand. He runs the world famous fly shop in Athol! As well as tying radical foam flies (that WORK), Stu is also a leading guide in the region. Stu's video, "A Foam Odyssey", that he made with Nick Reygaert, featured at the 2nd annual Fly Fishing Film Festival in NZ and Oz in 2007.
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Cressy Cane Cressy Cane is an annual rodmakers gathering, held every year (October), at "Hayes on Brumby's" in Cressy, Tasmania. Since the first Cressy Cane in 2014, the event has covered a huge range of topics on rodmaking and fishing bamboo.
J D Wagner Rodmakers I learnt the rodmaking craft from Jeff. Jeff is a master craftsman, a great guy - an honorary Australian! He and his wife Casimira are leading rodmakers and have a wonderful website.
Classic Sporting Enterprises (CSE)

Yes, this isn't really a link at all... Bailey Woods, and his stepson, Steve, make fine bamboo rod ferrules and other rodmaking components - the industry standard. They seem too busy making quality hardware to mess with this internet thing, so the only way to get them is via phone or fax - just check the time in Vermont, USA before you call them... Aside from others who offer CSE hardware (such as Jeff Wagner, or me!), you can get them on:
Phone: +1 802 525 3623, or
Fax: +1 802 525 3982
You can also place orders "online" via fax services like

Hariki Ferrule Toshiyuki Hariki's family business has been precision engineering for several generations. After years of providing precision parts for the automotive and other industries, Hariki-san began making ferrules and reelseat hardware for the demanding Japanese rodmaking market. I have been trialling these ferrules on my own rods for several years now, and have been extremely impressed with the quality and durability. In 2012 I was lucky enough to visit the Hariki factory in Osaka and see these ferrules being made. Hariki ferrules can be ordered direct via the Hariki website. I also carry a range of sizes in stock for resale too. The Hariki site is mainly in Japanese, but an English page is available here.
The Bamboo Broker Based in Seattle, The Bamboo Broker sells high quality bamboo for rodmaking.
Angler's Workshop A really good source for rodmaking components of all types, as well as other retail tackle, fly tying supplies, and accessories.
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The Drake Magazine An alternative fly magazine from the USA. I bring a few extra copies of each issue so contact me if you'd like to get hold of it here in Oz.
FlyStream This new, Australian based magazine, lead by Philip Weigall and Andrew Fuller is an exciting development in fly fishing literature.
Flylife Magazine Australia's longest published magazine dedicated solely to fly fishing. Coming out quarterly, and beyond issue 50 now, Flylife is still going strong as a leading voice in Australian fly fishing.
The New Zealand Troutfisher
New Zealand's only 100% trout fishing magazine. I have a regular column here on Australia and other ramblings!
Tasmanian Fishing ang Boating News
Tasmanian Fishing and Boating News is published six times a year by Mike Stevens at Stevens Publishing - www.tasfish.com is the magazine's online site. It contains a wealth of information on salt and freshwater fishing in Tasmania. Mike also publishes many high quality fishing books, including fine reprints of hard to source Australian classics. You can find these on the Tasfish website as well.
Flyfisher (Japan) Stu Tripney put me onto this magazine when we stayed with him for a few days in 2007. Yes, it's all in Japanese but the photography alone makes it worth tracking down! The best place to purchase this wonderful publication is from Amazon Japan.
Gray's Sporting Journal Gray's Sporting Journal has long been the quality American literary fishing and hunting magazine that others are judged by. Gray's features the finest writing, art and photography from leaders in the sporting field.
The Flyfish Journal This American publication has been around for a couple of years now. Beautiful photos and writing. Looking at the latest issue - how many of the same old "grip and grin" shots of someone holding a fish up in front of the camera? Zero. Not even one, even in the ads.
Dun Magazine

This lovely online magazine aims to inspire more women to get into fly fishing (though it hopes to be of interest to guys as well). It's a fantastic goal, as it would be wonderful to see more women and girls enjoying the sport. Subscription is free, and it looks great!


A Tight Loop Magazine A nice Online magazine, based around fishing in the American midwest, from the same publishers of "Dun" magazine.
Catch Magazine A really nice Online magazine with wonderful photos and video.
Eastern/NorthWest/SouthWest FlyFisher This trio of regional American Fly Fishing magazines are a great read. Visit their site and subscribe. You can even download an issue online for free!
Trout Magazine Trout Magazine is the quarterly publication of North America's Trout Unlimited orgainsation. Although it's focused on North America, it is a really good read on fishing, environmental issues and fisheries management. To subscibe, all you need to do is joing Trout Unlimited.
Who is TroutBeat?
S A Angler Magazine S A Angler magazine has been the leading fishing magazine of my home Sate, South Australia, since 1977. No, it's not a Fly Fishing or even a Trout magazine (though it does run articles from both). I grew up reading SA Angler, and fishing local waters for bream, mullet, garfish, whiting (and trout when I could get to the rivers). SA Angler published my first fishing article (yes, on trout fishing), back in 1990. I'm glad to see it's still going strong.
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Gin-clear media Nick Reygeart's Production company, which includes work on "The Troutbum Diaries", awesome flyfishing films. Volume 1 is based in Patagonia, and Volume 2 in New Zealand.Nick's film for 2008 was "The Search", seeking out monster bonefish in Tahiti. In 2009, Nick produced "The Source - Tasmania" an adventure through the diverse Tasmanian brown trout fishery. This Year (2010), Nick will be touring with his new film "The Source - New Zealand". Coming next will be "The Source - Iceland".
Adventure Project Jack McCowan is a talented Melbourne based freelance videographer. He has made a number of outdoor films, including "Three Two One", which has shown at a number of film festivals arond the world. He recently produced a short film about my rodmaking, which you can see here.
Trufflepig Films Andy Heathcote and Heike Bachelier from Trufflepig Films have made the supurb DVD "The Lost World of Mr Hardy". This film is one of the most interesting and moving flyfishing films I have seen. Beautifully shot, with many interviews with long time Hardy employees and devotees, it wonderfully depicts the commitment to quality by the Hardy company through a bygone era, and how this passion is now being taken up by handcraftsmen in the modern age. Everyone with an interest in flyfishing and the pursuit of quality and perfection should see this film. Future projects from Trufflepig include "The River" (interviews with Chalkstream Riverkeepers) and"The Lost World of Angling". Stop Press - we now have the DVD "The Lost World of Mr Hardy" available for sale! Check out our "Other Products" page for more information!
Burl Productions Burl Productions is Proferssional snowboarder, fishing guide and film maker, Mikey Weir's fast paced fly fishing production company. Mikey featured on the first "Troutbum Diaries - Patagonia" film. Mikey's film, "Soulfish" was a real hit at the Film Festival this year too. Burl production also has produced several editions of "Fisheye" DVD/Video magazine, featuring tips and fishing action from the Lake Tahoe and elsewhere.
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More fly fishing sites, including those of presenters from Peter Hayes Flyfishing Conclaves...
Ken Tsurusaki photograpy Ken's fly fishing photography is exquisite. His work features heavily in Japan Flyfisher magazine and elsewhere, including several coffee table books. His profile information is also available on his site in English here.
Tom Sutcliffe Tom Sutcliffe is the modern father of South African fly fishing for trout. I was originally told about Tom by customer and sculptor friend Alan Meyburgh. Author of several books, Tom's style is unique, but has the qualities of humility, humour and ability to share insight and valuable information, while taking him with you along the stream, in common with authors such as John Gierach and David Scholes.
JVice Jay Smit makes these exquisitely crafted Fly Tying Vices in South Africa.
Indi River Rods Fellow Australian Rodmaker Callum Ross' Web Page.
Orvis Fly Fishing podcasts Tom Rosenbauer's Orvis podcasts. These are more "How To" than the Itinerant Angler. Presented in Tom's laid back style, these are very informtive and entertaining. You can find them free on iTunes as well.
KOSSIEDUN - A Fly Tyer's Journey
World reknowned fly tyer Mick Hall's fantastic site, with a wealth of information and references.
Fly Fishing Diaries - Simon Zarifeh Simon was the third person in Australia to become a FFF MCI (Master Casting Instructor), along with Peter Hayes and Matthew Howell. Fly Fishing Diaries is Simon's blog. Included are ramblings and great photos of a range of fishing trips, including his two trips to the USA with Hayesie for the FFF Fly Fishing Conclave.
Fish And Fun Customers from Switzerland, Viktor and Beatrice, have a website that follows their wonderful adventures across Australia and New Zealand. These guys are truly following their dreams!
Peter Morse Probably Australia's most recognised saltwater fly fishing identity, Peter has fished widely around Australia and the rest of the world.
Sexyloops Paul Arden's fantastic fly casting and fishing website.
Flygal Ventures

April Vokey and her team in British Columbia offer guiding, tuition and wilderness adventures. For girls wanting to take up flyfishing, April is an inspriation. You can be a girl, wear mascara and fish slime at the same time! She is also a contributor to The Canadian Fly Fisher Magazine.

I first heard about April when she was interviewed on the Itinerant Angler Podcast (see below) - or you can also listen by clicking here.

Trout Books New Zealand THE source of fishing books for those destined for New Zealand!
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Greg Brown - Music
A customer (who's become a good friend - thanks Garry!), put me onto Greg Brown, a folk singer from the American midwest. Greg sings about flyfishing, love, food, family, life, and death, as well as other, less important things like politics. Greg's music has been an inspiration to me. Check out his website and his record label Red House Records to get hold of some of his music. Start out with "The Live One", a live recording where he sings and talks about fly fishing a in a few songs.
Adrian Potter Adelaide based conceptual artist and product designer, who I had the pleasure of meeting on a recent visit back "home".
Crooked Fiddle Band - Music The Crooked Fidle Band is a Sydney based high-octane four piece instramental band, feturing violin, guitar, mandolin, double bass and percussion. I could try and describe their music but just go to their website and listen! They have a new EP out called "Rise" to follow up their debut self titled EP. If you get a chance to see them live, do it...

Flow State Photography

Flow State Surfboards

Outdoor enthusiast and Photographer Mathew Farrell is making beautiful bespoke wooden surfboards. Check out his websites for information on his photography and boards.
"Last Stop" Ambledown Brook
B&B, Hall (Canberra)
On the subject of ABC Radio, one of my favourite presenters, David Kilby, has recently retired from 666 ABC. In his "retirement", David and his wife, Jenny are running a wonderful B&B in Hall, on the Northern edge of Canberra. If you're planning a trip to the Nation's capital, check it out. Accommodation includes a choice of two 1928 restored railway carriages!
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